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“You’re sure we’re gonna be okay?”

“I’m sure we’re gonna be okay.”

“Hold my hand?”

  • Me: Chris Colfer is fucking hot.
  • You: Chris Colfer is fucking hot.
  • Lea Michele: Chris Colfer is fucking hot.
  • Ryan Murphy: Chris Colfer is fucking hot.
  • Darren Criss: Chris Colfer is fucking hot.
  • Everyone: Chris Colfer is fucking hot.
  • Chris Colfer: I like Diet Coke.

Little CrissColfer Thing : the “quality” > the “quantity(of their pictures, together)


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Stop trying to make people feel bad for liking things they like

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Chris and I like to play. He always throws me things and I ping them back to him and it’s really fun. We definitely have a very lovely rapport personally. - Darren Criss


There. I fixed it. :)

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LePavarotti: Dear haters, let's face it...


When Chris was filming SBL…

Haters were like:

“If you ask Chris something about Darren, I’ll cut you. It’s not about Darren now! It’ about Chris! Oh, you’re so disrespectful!!!ONE!1!!!ELEVEN!!11!”

*bitching everywhere especially on Crisscolfer tag*


And we were just like:

“…but we didn’t even do anything yet! Why are you mad? What’s wrong with you?”


And then the fans who met Chris on SBL set kindly shared their experience with us.

  • Like the “Join the Club” thing:

Well I wrote him a letter and I gave it to him so that i didn’t COMPLETELY lose my shit and start fangirling (I actually said to him “i wrote this so when I met you I didn’t go like this *makes awkward shriek noise and flails arms* and he laughed). I told him how amazing I though he was and he was so humble and sweet :) Then he saw the tote bag I made that is covered in AVPM/S quotes and LOVED it and was like “Oh, you like Darren? You know Lauren Lopez is making a cameo in this movie right?” Psh, of course I knew, haha :) Then we got into how him and Darren are my two favorite and i said to him, “Sometimes people ask me to choose, but I tell tham it’s not fair because I want to be your best friend and marry Darren Criss.”


*Cute Chris laugh* “Join the club!”


It is quite fair to say I almost DIED RIGHT FREAKING THERE.

And I told him how his voice makes me cry it’s so perfect and thanks for the opportunity and he was just THE SWEETEST EVER :D 


  • Or the “pink sunnie earrings” thing:

Some of the Glee Roadtrip Crew JUST MET Chris Colfer!!!

Like actually one on one got to talk to him for a bit and got a picture! We’re all flailing! One of them was wearing pink sunnie earrings and Chris said “Did you make those? Darren would Freak!” 


We were like:




Because this is what fandom do. Fandom goes crazy about every little thing. Then fandom makes fanarts… like drawings, fan fictions, manips and stuffs. It’s just fandom. We are not doing anything wrong. We are not involving them, we are not forcing them to do anything. (exept for a few stupid fans who don’t get the fact that there is a line between fandom and real life)

And haters start bitching like:

“OMG. You Crisscolfer shippers are so disrespectful!!! Why do you ask him about Darren? You are so disrespectful. I hate all of you!!!ONE!1!!!”

And we are like: 


“Wait… what? No one asked Chris about Darren! He did it all by himself!”


The same thing happened when Chris was awaited on the NY Festival for SBL.

He talked a lot about Darren, he did it all by himself, and bitches get mad with us. 

And I also hate when people tag their hate/unpopular opinions about Crisscolfer in the Crisscolfer tag. Why I always have to see your hate in this tag? Keep it on your dash. I sincerely don’t give a damn If you don’t ship it. 




Haters are also always like:

“Darren is straight, you don’t believe him, you’re so disrespectful!!!ONE!!1!!!ELEVEN!!!!”

But is Darren the same person who said these stuffs:

  • “People fall in love with the person, not the gender”
  • “It could happen, never say never” [about marrying Chris Colfer]
  • “I was consumed by my love for Chris Colfer and I just couldn’t hold it any longer.” [about the Dublin kiss]

Isn’t he?


And then, there are haters just like:

“You are forcing them!!!! That’s unfair, it’s not cool! You’re so disrespectful!!!ONE!!1!!!ELEVEN!!!!”

Forcing them? Like seriously? 


Like this?



We don’t even ask them about each other, they do it all by themselves!!!

For example:


Chris:“Let me guess: what is like to kiss Darren Criss?” (video)(gif)



(source gif)




(gif source)

We don’t do anything bad or disrespectful.  

We just sit in here and wait…


and then Crisscolfer sex riot just happen.


No one is forcing them to do anything, they just love to talk about each other, to kiss each other and to share nerdy things with each other and to troll us.

Just deal with it people.

Because I’m tired of people who say that we are disrespectful or bad fans only because we love their (b)romance. And we love them and support them equally (well, I admire Chris more but…) We would like to see them together, because they are so perfect as individuals and they deserve each other


And together they seem so happy. And by the way, we can ship the damn we want. And they give us a lot of reasons to ship them for. And unless they’ll say that shipping them together bored them, or they find another person that make them happy…well, untill that day, I am a proud Crisscolfer shipper. And I regret nothing.


Bye, bye.

(I know… my english sucks, sorry it’s not my first language)